Much jewellery designed for the costumers wish are made in our workshop and in the gallery there is a big variety of jewellery designed according to our imagination. Even those who prefer a classical style or those who like the modern or simpler forms can find their favourite pieces. We are proud of our new collection called Letti which was set off in 2012: The Letti jewellery is entwined around a theme like the sea and its colourful fauna and flora.

Letti collection

The secret world of the oceans, the specific sea animals and plants (fauna and flora) inspired the new collection of Briolett goldsmith, called Letti (Letti by Briolett).

The wonderful colour of corals, shells, snails, jellyfish are reflected in this new series of jewellery, tough basically it was made for those who love diving but it appeals everyone who is attracted to the feeling of endless freedom symbolised by the sea. Who is touched by the wonderful variety of nature manifested in this way, those will find the much to their minds piece among medallion/pendant, rings, brace laces, earrings

If you click to the link below you can watch our image catalogue. The flyer doesn’t contain the entire series; if you are interested in further pieces of the Letti collection please don’t hesitate contact us.

Letti image flyer pdf