About us

Briolett goldsmith workshop and gallery was formed in 1995 by Szittner Szomjas Violetta. The workshop which operates as a gallery and a shop is located in a very inspiring environment. It is found in the historical down town of Sopron among cobble stone, narrow streets and ancient walls. The familiar environment gives the inspiration to the work of the tree colleagues ; the unique silver and gold jewellery, accessories decorated with gem , mineral and enamel are made here adopting to the costumers needs and are not based only on the goldsmith,s creativity.

Row material we work with

We make ornaments and articles for personal use of 925% sterling silver and we make our jewellery besides 925% sterling silver of 14 and 18 Kt gold (yellow-white-rose). Beside precious metal we like using natural treasures like minerals and precious stones from cabochon cutting to the differently facetted shapes. We usually complete the wide variety of colours with enamel.